Thursday, August 30, 2012

A list, a song, and some cat drama. Normal day.

You know those songs that you just have to listen to, on repeat, for weeks? Music just gets into my blood and into my bones, sometimes, and I have to let it run its course till it's done with me. This song, Night of the Dancing Flame by Róisín Murphy is that song for me right now:

So good! Just Halloween-y and spooky enough to make me a little excited about Fall, but definitely still steamy enough for summer.

Things I am looking forward to in the next week:

1.) An all-day training tomorrow at work. Weird, maybe, that I'm looking forward to something that's usually so tedious, but I'm actually pretty excited; I'm the only part-timer at my work who will be attending this particular training with the rest of the full-timers, so I'm hoping this means that someone higher up is expecting a lot from me. And that's a good thing.

2.) Going home to the Bay Area this weekend with my man! He's going to meet my dog, hang out with my parents, see the place where I grew up... So exciting!

3.) Starting my new programs on Tuesday! I'm most looking forward to running a Harry Potter book club- does this generation of kids even know Harry Potter? They will soon!

Less awesome thing of the week: crazy sister ran away, again. But that's a story for another day. So, I'll end with my favorite part of the day: Steve Frisbee, the neighbor cat, flirting with my Little through the glass door this morning. They just can't quit each other, those crazy cats!


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